a beautiful day isnt it?

yes yes, it has really been good for me. so here what happens..

i went to school today, yea just to get my Girlfriend after her exam.. i was so excited so i really couldnt sit in benches.. when i saw her, i really couldnt imagine my smiles went crazy.. i couldnt see it myself but i know i was so happy to see her.. guess i really missed her a lot :)

we went to sm after that.. and decided to eat lunch at KFC.. which exactly was our eating place since :) (love eating there).. after eating, we went straight to the cinemas.. we bought tickets for the movie “the avengers”.. it was really great, more than anything i have expected.. watching my american action figures on live makes me think that i never regretted having them when i was a child :)) hahah.. the movie was pretty cool for me.. i really laughed how Loki tried to tell Hulk that he`s a god and stuff and they should bow down to him.. but instead hulk pulled his feet and like smash him in the room and stuff :)) hahahah too much spoilers i think :) hahahah

anyway, after watching the movie, we decided to go for a walk.. and then hangout in most benches in sm. :) we do that a lot though :) hahahah its really nice to see her this close.. i mean.. like face to face.. and i think to myself, finally from the last 2 weeks.. we finally seen each other again.. i could see her smile.. everytime.. it feels like im in heaven or something.. it feels sooooo good to see her smiles, how he smiles for me.. how cute she gets.. how beautiful she can be.. if only i got a camera in my eyes, i could have already saved them all for you guys to see.

anyway.. we went home after that.. i really couldnt imagine it was only for a day.. might take me weeks again to see her back.. just maybe..

baby, i really enjoyed today, how fun the conversations we can get, with sense or non-sense.. i really enjoyed it..i love you babe, and i miss you already, if only God would allow and our parents would allow, i just want you to live with me in the same house, but were still young and still so many things to do in life, but i promise you, your mine forever, and im yours forever.. someday, we`ll be going to that direction :) I love you soooo much! :* I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU :*

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