Dear camille, :)

i know i have been giving or writing you so many letters like these, expressing myself how much mean to me.. but i always think to myself… “is it enough?”.. and thats why i keep on giving letters, so you would not forget about me, loving you..

baby, we have been through alot together… we fight over our personalities now, how i became so much emotional on everything.. how you got to feel that emptiness.. but still, i thanked God for all of this.. because how he helped us break through and how he helped us survive each obstacles and trials we go through..

baby, you mean so much to me.. your the sun my only world rotates, the only world my moon rotates, and my only girl where i have been always hanging around.. I LOVE YOU.. i know were saying this all the time.. maybe a routine or were just getting used to it.. but i just want to tell.. i mean it babe, i mean it with all my heart and soul.. i love you with everything i got.. and i hope you can feel it that im not bluffing, im not acting nor lying..because i love you.. sooo much.. 

it has been 476 days since you told me we could be together..  and i wish it could be millions more.. billions more.. or infinity.. cuz i really want to be with you forever..

i want to marry you, make you my wife, have kids.. and have a normal life.. i want that for us… and i promise you with all the odds that are coming.. i will stand strong for us.. ill stand up for you.. fight for you.. until to the day my last breath comes.. 

i love you babyy.. soo much! :*

your baby, Tof :) 

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